MLB Athletes With Jewelry That Hit A Homer

By Kevin Parekkattil

MLB Athletes With Jewelry That Hit A Homer

by: Neo Rivera

Perhaps you didn’t even know that the MLB is in the middle of the playoffs right now. Don’t worry, a lot of people probably didn’t even know that either. Since the beginning of the decade, baseball has been in a slow decline in terms of viewers and popularity. With younger fans favoring the much more exciting leagues such as the NBA and NFL, to go along with the demographic of baseball slowly aging, the MLB started to become a dying league.
 However as of recent, MLB has seen a slow increase in popularity due to the young stars that have been entering the league, stars such as Ronald Acuna Jr., Manny Machado and Javier Baez have ushered in this new era of baseball. These stars brought a certain level of swagger that the league has never seen in its 150 years of existence.
 These players take a light-hearted approach to the game, but more importantly, they are always iced out whenever they step onto the field. 


Manny Machado

The $300 million dollar man himself. In the summer of 2019, Machado signed a contract with the San Diego Padres that would pay him $300 million over 10 years. With the new money coming in, Machado made sure that people knew that he wasn’t playing when it comes to his jewelry game. In most games Machado can be seen sporting an iced out Miami Cuban Link Chain.

Javier Baez

One of baseball’s best players, Javier Baez has seen a lot of success during his time in the MLB. Ever since winning the World Series in 2016, Baez has emerged as one of baseballs top players and is soon due to being paid like one. In his games, Baez can be seen wearing two different chains, one of which is an iced out Cuban Link and other one being a basic chain featuring an iced out Cross Pendant.


Ronald Acuna Jr.

One of the future stars of the sport, Acuna burst into to scene as being one of baseball’s premier talents. Once the time comes, Acuna is also due to be paid like one of the greatest players of all time, possibly even getting the biggest contract in baseball history. However for now, Acuna is still considered to be a rising star. When suiting up for the Atlanta Braves, Acuna wears two solid gold chains, one of which has a solid gold Cross Pendant. 


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